The Joys of Curating an Exhibition

Our annual Blue Door art exhibition has just been, and what a joyous and satisfying experience it was! There were moments of sweat and sore muscles, but they turned sweet very quickly. How can one not enjoy having your house turned into an art gallery for two and a half days?

One of my favourite parts of the exhibition, is the curating. Initially you have nail biting thoughts on whether there will be enough pieces to put a strong exhibition together. But then, with the arrival of one hundred and forty odd paintings at you doorstep (not counting the sixty art works done by the primary cherubs), you experience mild to severe panic trying to visualise where they all will hang!

The sweat, tears and sore muscles come into play at this point. First you have to move all your furniture and nicknacks into the garage or bedrooms. Then you have to collect and put up the trestle tables, easels and black tablecloths. Hmmm... at least the quiet corners of the house gets its yearly quick mop ;-)

Usually, there is one or more bold, arresting piece out of the entire selection that just grabs you by the collar. This ensemble becomes the scaffolding of the exhibition as a whole. Once they have been placed, the rest has to fit around them. Colour would be the main determinant as to where what fits. As a whole, the exhibition has to exude a harmonious, unified feel. I love this challenge!

Our exhibition has a wonderful reputation for being versatile  - we have paintings that range from realistic to abstract, soft muted creations to bold colourful designs, oils, acrylics, inks, pencil, charcoal, and the list goes on....

Why exhibit every year? 

It gives a full stop, or rather - an exclamation mark (!) - to a year's work. It provides opportunity to reflect upon and rejoice in the artistic journey. It showcases the fruits of our endeavours enabling in the sharing of the joy with friends and loved ones.

So, till next year.... Happy Painting!